The Beginning

In a society that demands a definition of identity, how does this affect people of ‘mixed race’? The Mixed Project is an ongoing collection of powerful stories and photographs that I feel need to be harnessed and told more publicly. When discussing race, the subsequent issue of what it is to belong is also raised. Inevitably, with such a subject matter, there will be strong feelings involved. On this blog, these feelings are welcomed. Accompany us on this journey that will culminate in an exhibition and book.

This first portrait is of my daughter Emilia and my partner Laverne. Laverne was born in Reading, England and is of Afro-Caribbean descent. I was born in Salisbury, England. I am English.

Andy Barter, photographer

Laverne Antrobus- BBC 4 Profile

Laverne Antrobus- BBC3 Programme ‘All New House of Tiny Tearaways’


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