Peaceful Fountains of Desire

Last week we photographed Die Another Day Bond Girl Rachel Grant and  her mother Isabel.  Isabel is from the Philippines, while  Rachel’s father is of English-Scottish descent.

Rachel Grant in Die Another Day

Die Another Day

As is now usual with the testimony, Rhoda Dakar joined us before the shoot for her customary cup of Earl Grey and together with Rachel and Isabel, we all sat down and discussed everything from the use of the word ‘Oriental’ to perceived multiculturalism.  Rachel gave us a fascinating insight into her childhood experiences growing up in Nottingham and her current life in New York.  Isabel talked about, among other things, a question in her head around her children’s ‘mixedness’- we’ll let them tell you in their own words… extracts to follow.

After a hectic week shooting commercially, today we were finally able to sit down and begin the process of choosing the best image from the shoot.  This is always a challenge and a catalyst for much debate in the studio.

Rachel Grant in Bridge

The Rachel and Isabel edit...

Rachel Grant website

Rachel Grant Facebook


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